Picturesque Coast


Hailed as West Africa’s golden child, Ghana deserves its place in the sun. One of Africa’s great success stories, the country is reaping the benefits of a stable democracy in the form of fast-paced development. And it shows: Ghana is suffused with the most incredible energy.


Embarking on another year of celebrating African culture, the theme for 2022 is “Afrofuturism.” This term was created to explore the developing intersection of cultural aesthetic, philosophy of science, and philosophy of history as it relates to the African Diaspora. During this year’s events, Afrochella will bring “Afrofuturism” to life through fashion, food, art and music. In 2019, the African Diaspora returned home to the continent for the “Year of Return.” This year, we will explore the endless possibilities of what “Afrofuturism” could look like in 2022 and beyond.

Good To Know



Visa Requirements

A visa is required for entry to Ghana for all US citizens

Languages spoken

Asante Twi & English

Currency used