Timothy Hunt (@TimmyGotSoul)

My name is Timothy Hunt and I’m from the city of Detroit aka Motown aka The Motor City

1. What’s your favorite place you’ve visited thus far? Why?

Narrowing it down to one favorite place is so hard and impossible for me. When asked this question I usually give a top 10.  However, I’ll go with Salvador, Brazil and Johannesburg, South Africa. Mainly, because of the beautiful black people and its rich culture. I would also say Beirut, Lebanon & Istanbul, Turkey too. Lebanon and Turkey usually get a side view from people because of the way the media has portrayed these two countries. However, the people are so nice, the culture is amazing, its fairly inexpensive and there’s tons of history to explore.



2. Which country holds the top spot on your travel bucket list? And why?

For me, it would have to be Brazil. You can’t beat the weather, the people, good culture and great partying all for a decent price.



3. What is your favorite thing about traveling?

Learning! When traveling you learn so much about yourself and others. I can recognize my privilege from being able to see the world. You also realize that people living in different parts of the world are not always like what you see through the media. Traveling also gives you the opportunity to educate others who may not have the privilege to see the world and change the narrative or perspective of how negatively certain groups of people are viewed.



4. If you could travel anywhere for free, where would you be right now and why?

If I could travel anywhere for free, it would definitely be to every country in Africa. I am so fascinated with Africa, especially Western African countries like Liberia, Ghana and Nigeria.



5. Has travel been a window or a mirror to you? Explain

Both. Traveling has been a window to show me that it is so much in the world besides my experiences at home in the United States and a mirror for me to self-reflect. I am an overall better person from traveling. With each travel experience I feel like I grow spiritually. From being more mindful, reflective, appreciative, and grateful.



6. If you had the opportunity to travel the entire world is there any country you would avoid and why?

I don’t think I wold avoid anywhere. I’ve learned something or taken away something positive from every country I have visited.



7. When on vacation are you a planner or a free spirit? Explain

I am a planner and free spirit. I’ll plan the trip and then I’ll start thinking to myself maybe I can hop to this country while visiting a certain city or country. For example, I just came back from France. However, a week before my trip, I planned a day trip to Luxembourg.

8. What country forced you to step the most out of your comfort zone? Explain how

Probably China, because they’re so fascinated with black people. When they see black people they start running up to us taking pictures, sneaking pictures on the low or they just stare at us. At times, I found it to be very uncomfortable.



9. What type of vacation do you prefer? A relaxing beautiful beach vacation or an active vacation full of activities and adventure?

Depends on what my mood is. One thing for sure, no matter where I go, I always take a day to rest and just chill.



10. How do you decide your next travel destination?

Sometimes, I have the urge to go to a certain place, but most times I might see a cheap ticket and buy it. The one thing for me is not to be so set on going to a place. If the opportunity presents itself I usually take it.