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Wanderluster Wednesday: Sancha Flynn (IG: @SanchaTravels)

1. What is your name and where are you from? Sancha Flynn from Washington DC by way of Jamaica. 2. What made you first decide to travel solo? I first decided to take a solo trip when I made travel plans with others and they cancelled at the last minute. I promised myself to never […]

Wanderluster Wednesday Elton Anderson Jr (IG: @EltonAndersonJr)

1. What’s your favorite place you’ve visited thus far? Why? This is by far the hardest question you can ask a traveler. Its like choosing your favorite child, lol. I will give you a top 3. Tanzania, Chile and Brazil! Tanzania is home to a diversity of experiences including the Serengeti which has awesome Safaris, […]

Wanderluster Wednesday: Full Time Nurse Who Works To Travel Sultan (@Sultantauheed)

Which country holds the top spot on your travel bucket list? And why? Denmark has always been top on my bucket list. I’ve always envisioned myself curbside with an espresso, cobblestones street, and just absorbing the eclectic, hip culture of Copenhagen. The innovative way of living, architecture, and modernist-ways there seem exciting. I haven’t gone […]

Wanderluster Wednesday: Traveler & Expat Cedric (@Cedinthecity)

My name is Cedric, I am 26 years old and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve been living the expat life abroad now for 2 years now and have worked abroad in China, Czech Republic and now Malaysia. What was the hardest adjustment you had to make living abroad? The hardest adjustment I had to […]

Wanderluster Wednesday: Traveler & Foodie Brandon Harrell (@Brandom416)

Why did you start traveling? It was happenstance. I always traveled with my family when I was young, usually to island destinations to visit family and friends, but I knew innately that life was different depending on where you lived. I started travelling as an adult while in college when I realized that there was sooo […]

Wanderluster Wednesday: Solo Traveler Amanda Frankel (@MandaFrankie)

          What’s your name and where are you from? Amanda Frankel from Chicago, IL 1. What made you first decide to take a solo trip? Aside from being tired of waiting around for others, I was ready for the personal challenge that I had heard solo travelling brought. I was in a place in life where I […]